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Happy Family!

My husband and I use the FlexiBelt as part of our maintenance program to keep us flexible and pain free. We took our 10 year old son to Sue when we noticed his shoulders were uneven and we discovered he has scoliosis as a result of a one year growth spurt of over three inches. His muscles were so tight, it was literally making him uneven. After using the FlexiBelt on a regular basis, before and after sports, he says he no longer has pain and he actually runs faster!  This is a game changer for the whole family. It definitely helps us keep up with our at home exercises and out of the physical therapy office. Thanks FlexiBelt!

George D. J. Griffin, III, M.D., Orthopaedic Surgeon, racing enthusiast, and Black Belt in Taekwondo

“The FlexiBelt™ is an excellent adjunct for a regular stretching program to prevent knee and hip injuries as well as prevent hamstring tears and groin pulls. I use it regularly and recommend it to all my patients.”

Tina Paff, Owner of Bick’s Driving School
Bob Roncker, Iconic running coach and original owner of Bob Roncker’s Running Spot – the original and nationally recognized running shoe store in the Tri-State Area
Dr. Walter E. Gay, Jr. DDS "Skip"
Janet Franke
Ellen Franke