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So, you've got your Flexibelt?
Now what?

What do you need to stretch?

We’ve made flexibility fun and easy
with step by step guides to your best stretch ever!
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Hamstring & Hip Release

Let the FlexiBelt™ take you to a new level of hamstring stretch, hip stretch and calf stretch than you have ever been before. This release will help tremendously with lower back pain, Piriformis syndrome, ITB (Iliotibial Band) Syndrome, and symptoms of Plantar Fascitis. Anyone with an active lifestyle will see a boost in their flexibility whether you are running, playing sports, or simply walking!

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Groin Release

This great FlexiBelt™ stretch is tremendous in preventing groin pulls and strains. Anyone, particularly women, who are experiencing a decrease in hip flexiblity will find this release to help return them to shape. You may even find that this boost in mobility in the groin region can lead to improved intimacy, as well as enhancements in other areas of your active lifestyle.

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Figure 4 Release

This stretch is a unique FlexiBelt™ release that will especially help to improve internal and external rotation of the hip. This will lead to a greater range of motion and is great for people with hip arthritis and Piriformis syndrome. The Figure 4 stretch also lends a hand to improved sexual flexibility for both men and women.

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Quadricep Stretch

If you are looking for a way to really release quad strain, then this is the FlexiBelt™ stretch for you. The quadricep stretch is the perfect aid for knee rehabilitation, Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, Chondromalacia Patella, and general quad strain. This stretch will also improve cartilage health through improved range of motion.

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Full Body Release

This unique Full Body Stretch can only be achieved using the patented FlexiBelt™ design. it is an easy and effective way to stretch the entire body to neutralize tightening effects of prolonged sitting. It is the ideal way to start and end the day for anyone who spends a good portion of their day sitting at a desk at work or driving in a car. The breath of this stretch allows for lengthening from foot to shoulders elongating five muscle groups at one time!

Let's Stretch!