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Why FlexiBelt?

How FlexiBelt Came About!

The start of the FlexiBelt™ story begins with Sue DiOrio, a licensed Physical Therapist in the Cincinnati area. While working with patients, Sue found that they were unable to reach the levels of flexibility needed to properly release and elongate tight muscle groups. Instead of simply putting up with the problem, Sue decided to fix it. She developed the FlexiBelt™, a 10.5 foot long stretching belt with one fixed loop and one adjustable loop for optimizing your positioning during stretches.

Sue used the FlexiBelt™ at her clinic for many years, before deciding to expand it’s use to other passions such as Martial Arts and Yoga. It has since grown into the perfect stretching belt for all sports and health disciplines. Being a black belt Taekwondo and a certified Yoga Instructor herself, Sue has found that the belt has enhanced her own flexibility and prevented injuries.

The FlexiBelt™ is truly an adjunct to allow for a better quality of life. Nothing could be more liberating than freedom of movement. The FlexiBelt bears the US Patent Number 7,223212.